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Welcome to the Blaster's Poker Rules Page!!

This site has our Poker Rules for both Tournament & Regular Home Games. They are very thorough & complete.





To be used in Cojunction with the "regular" home game rules.



Texas Hold-em Tournament. 

All Players must Buy-In for the same $$ amount. Buy-ins must occur before the start of the 2nd "dealer" round, otherwise No late players allowed.

A player that loses all his initial chips is "out", however  there "may" be an add on or rebuy period, which will be posted before the tournament.  The Tournament is "locked" from rebuys/add-ons once it is down to 4 players.

An "Active Player" is defined as a Player who still has chips & is still in Tournament, even if "on break".

 A Timer or Clock will be used to determine The Blinds, or "Rounds" of tournament play.  A new Blind "round" will start if the cards have not yet been dealt or shuffled .

 An "Out" Player May become the actual game Card  Dealer if players have been self-dealing. A Dealer "button" (coin or similar), is used to track Action/Blinds around the table & is place in front of the current "dealer" (active player).

(The "Out" card dealer determines when to pass their dealer responsibilities to the next "out" player ect.)

The  deck of cards shall be opened or on display for the start of the Tournament, & may be verified before play begins upon request. Any Deck change during tournament play will result in another deck being verified by request.


  •  All bets shall be stacked and pushed directly in front of player. If you move your chips out, it is considered a bet, unless you have clearly declared that you need to make change from the pot, or have already verbally declared the raise amount & are simply stacking/counting.  The dealer will verify all bets and rake them to the center pot at the conclusion of each round of betting.  Tossing chips into the pot is not allowed. Players should try their best to play their hand (bet, raise or fold), within 60 seconds. Dealer May call a "45 seconds or fold" time limit on a player using excessive time.
  • All cards/chips must remain in full view and are not allowed beyond the edge of the table
  • All players are entitled to a clear view of opponent's chips, & may request a count or visual of an opponent's stack. Hiding chips is not allowed.
  •  It will be determined at the start of the Tournament howf Blinds & Antes will be raised on a Time Periods (20 mins, 30 mins ect.),basis.  Final decision of type & amounts of blinds & raises will be posted before the Tournament begins.

For Example Only:

 Rounds of card play betting are as follows:


                              ** NO LIMIT PLAY BEGINS  **

NO Limit Holdem  - No limits of Any Kind on Bets !!  thru the end of the Tournament.  

Rounds progress per posted levels.    -


... 1st round is $1/2 Blinds - 2nd round is $1.50/3.00 Blinds, 3rd round  is $2 / $4 Blinds,

4th round $4/8 Blinds & so forth.....

Dealers Are Expected to keep track of rounds/Antes, time & Blinds. Use of Dealer & Rounds Buttons/timers avoids confusion among players.

** Above listed Blinds & Antes are for example only. Starting chip stack TBD.If a player's stack goes down to a point where there are not enough chips to cover or call their blind for that hand, the player will  be "all In" (default), with the appropriate side pots created.



 A Person who goes "All In" is betting all his chips. Actual Bets/call will be lowered to match a players "all-In", in a 2 person showdown....

(Example: 2 Players,  Player "A" bets 40 Chips, Player "B" only has 35 Chips & calls. Actual Bet in this 2 person showdown is 35 Chips).

Pots will be split accordingly in a multi player game where other bets exceed the All-In bet(s). This also applies to additional rounds of betting in the same hand, that the All-In player is unable to participate in.

 As in a High/Low split Game, a  "Short Betting" All-In player is only entitled to the "pot" he qualifies for, If he wins, His hand is then eliminated from consideration, & other players' hands are evaluated against each other, for any other pot(s) left in that game.

  Players participating in "all in" hands should split their call/raise chips in front of them, during betting, if necessary.

Multi-Pot showdowns will be paid out in reverse order of being created.  This eliminates players from consideration in a smooth fashion.

 If a Losing All-In player discovers he still somehow has  some chip(s) after "busting out", he can't benefit from this error & is still out of the Tournament.  His extra chips go to the player(s) that beat him, or are forfeit from the game if that can't be determined. 

*        During an All-In showdown only, All Players in the showdown must show their cards as soon as it is determined that no additional bets/raises are possible. The dealer then continues the deal with each player's cards face up.

 * If the Big Blind is eliminated from the tournament, the next hand will be played with no small blind & the big blind only to the dealer's left.

 * You Must Bet in turn, verbally. If your hand is folded out of turn you forfeit that hand, & can't call or raise in turn. If you call or raise out of turn, you must call or fold only, in turn, you forfeit the option to raise.

* The minimum allowable bet is the amount of the current big blind.  Raises must be double the big blind, or double the "raise" portion of the last raiser, + remaining call amount. Example BB is $200, Player A raises $300 more to $500 (at least double the BB), Player B if raising, must rasise to at least $800 (double the $300 + the $200) or more ...


4) Tournament play will eventually lead to One Player eliminating all others, having all the chips & therefore winning the Tournament.

2nd & 3rd place finishers are "Runners Up". (Actual Places paid & Payouts will be posted before Tournament Begins). Payout Examples are as follows, & are based on an initial or Buy-in with no adjustments during play, (Rounded to simplify Payouts):EXAMPLES:

5 Players:

                     / $ 40 Buy-In:

1st Place - / (69%)

2nd Place - / (31 %)

3rd Place - None in a 5 player Tournament *

6-27 Players:

1st Place - / (58%)

2nd Place - / (24%)

3rd Place - / (18%)

** Winners are paid at end of Tournament. **

 If a winning 3rd place "out" Runner up must leave before end of Tournament, he will be paid between hands.

 Total prize payouts can never exceed, or be less than the actual Amount of the Buy-in Pool, calculated at the time of payout.  Adjustments, if necessary, will be made at that time based on the listed percentages, & rounded to nearest whole dollar amounts.

 Chips amount will be totaled at end of Tournament, & any missing chips will reduce the prize pool by $1.50ea, to be given to the chip owner.


Tournament play may require that starting set of chips given to each player have a face value that Exceeds the buy-in. For example, a Buy in may give each player  $1000 or more "worth" of chips. Players are actually playing for the Prize Pool amounts, not individual chip values, in Tournament play. After the Buy-in, Chips have only "reference" cash value, no Actual cash value,  except as otherwise outlined in these Tournament rules. Players May Not "sell", "give", "Side Gamble" or "Barter" their chips to other players during a Tournament, except as even-value chip exchanges to "make change" ( Example .. four 25c chips for a $1 chip...).


 The Following shall apply in The Event a Player Must Leave the Tournament before it is concluded, the game must be called early, or the Tournament is voided:

A - A player that must leave the game within the first Blind  round of play, With more than 50% starting stack,  AND before any players have been eliminated, may cash in his chips for a "refund" of his remaining chip balance (as % of Buy In), or be refunded his Buy-In , whichever is LOWER. No Refunds for players with less than 50% starting stack.

B - A Player that must leave the Tournament During 2nd blind round, And/Or After Player(s) have been eliminated shall receive "Half" value on rtheir chips, provided they have at least 50% starting stack, up to a maximum of 50% of the buy-in. Whichever Is LOWER. No Refunds after 2nd round of play.

Any remaining chips of the leaving player will be removed from the tournament.

Winnings will be adjusted, based on listed percentages, to compensate at the end of the tournament in the event of a change in Tournament Prize Pot due to a player leaving.

C - A Player that Must Leave The Tournament During the "Final Three , or a game that must be stopped at this time, for any reason, creates a Tournament "Mis-Fire".

Final Winners Shall then be Determined based on Chip amounts each has, at the point when the Mis-Fire is announced, & after any in-progress hand play concludes, per the following schedule:

** If No One Player has More Than 50% value of all table chips at this point (70% if down to 2 players), Winnings are divided equally among all remaining active players, otherwise the winnings are paid out as per Tournament payout schedule. In the case of a Mis-Fire during the final 2 players, the 3rd place runner up will still receive his regular payout.

D - If the Entire Game must be called off/stopped before any players have been eliminated, all players receive a Buy-In refund.

If the Entire Game must be called off after player(s) have been eliminated, but before the final 3, The Full winnings will be split evenly among all remaining active players.

** In Tournament play, any misdeal is grounds for a new hand dealt.E -   If a dealer fails to burn a card, deals wrong amount of cards ect ,a new deal may be called by any active  player. Bets placed into the pot are full/partially refunded( by round), to the players who were active at the time of the mis-deal if it can be determined ,& any balance stays thru to next hand, otherwise the entire  pot stays thru to the next deal. The mis-deal must be discovered & called before that hand's pot is collected. Failure of dealer to offer to cut the deck is only grounds for a misdeal in the event someone is all-in during that hand.  A non-dealt exposed card may be called a misdeal by any player, otherwise it may also be shuffled back into the deck & play continues by unanimous consent of active players. F -   An imperfect deck, if found, will void The Tournament.  All Original players will be re-issued their opening chip stack, & a new Tournament shall begin.  Full refunds shall be issued if time does not permit another Tournament. The Void may be called at any time before the final winners are paid.G The following are not grounds for a misdeal:  1) Failure to raise antes/blinds on time.  This will be corrected once discovered, any in-progress and previous hands played will stand as-is.  Round mark remains as-is.2) Betting irregularity, if discovered after pot is collected.  If for example, it is determined that a player bet $1 but put a 50c chip in, anted an incorrect amount or similar, the hand cannot be re-visited once collected. 


If a Player does not return within 45 secs of start of next round, Card Play will resume among remaining players.

A Hand will be dealt to the "missing" player, & all Antes & any Blinds will be collected from the "missing" Player's chips, (Dealer responsibility), & the hand will be folded before the flop, at the first available chance in turn. If the missing player returns before the hand is folded, the hand may be played; otherwise the player will have to wait for the next deal.

 "Courtesy" short runs to the Fridge or Restroom ect, between hands, less than 1 min, can be done at any time in the Tournament, & play will resume upon player(s) return.


6) Players who are "out" of the Game may play "side games", or wager among themselves as to who the winner of the tournament will be, provided that the Remaining "in" players do not hear their choices before the Game ends. Courtesy dictates that these wagers should be out of earshot of the remaining players. House will not rule on side bets or settle disputes.





The Above Tournament Rules Are Based & refer to the "Regular" Home Poker Rules to address many additional topics not specifically addressed above.

   The Regular Standard "Home Game" Poker Rules are also Posted Here!

 Click this Link below To See The Regular Game Home Poker Rules!!


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